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British Army Soldier 95 DPM Field Trousers

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The classic British Army Disruptive Material Pattern (DPM), the go-to" field pant for "Fudds" and "Tacticool" operators alike. First drawn up in the early 1960s with heavy influences from the earlier British Denison patterns, the four colour pattern was a standardization of the previously hand drawn pattern. It works exceptionally well in the bush, and saw a service life of almost five decades.

These outstanding pants proved to be quite effective in temperate environments. As a testament to the effectiveness of this pattern, it continues to be used to this day around the world in different variations. Don't get caught with your knickers in a lace! These are the "gucchi-est" possible British Army Field Pants in the operationally proven British DPM. 


  • British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) in Soldier 95 woodland shades
  • Lightweight and very comfortable 65-30 poly-cotton construction 
  • Large slotted buttons for excellent utility and access
  • Two large cargo/map buttoned pockets
  • Two oversized buttoned hand pockets
  • Buttoned arse pocket
  • Large stable belt loops measuring approximately 2.5" - perfect for garrison or large holster belts
  • Waist adjustment buttons and waistband cord, allowing up to 2" in waist size reduction
  • Boot blousing straps at leg cuffs 

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