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British Army SA80 3-Point OD Green Sling

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Hard-use rifle slings, intended for the SA80 Assault Rifle, the unfortunate service rifle of today's British Army. These three point slings  were initially intended strictly for the SA80, but will fit on to any rifle with any two 1.25 inch or larger loops or swivels at the front and rear. The sling is fully adjustable, with a third point loop, and can be quickly detached with a central buckle, allowing for the operator to utilize their weapon system in a wide variety of settings. 

As they are surplused out, they may come out in a variety of conditions given their age and years of hard use. To accommodate for this, we've made extra efforts to grade each of the slings individually in our inventory with Grade 1 being serviceable with minor evidence of use, and Grade 2 having some noticeable fraying or fading, but not to the extent that it impacts serviceability. We won't ship out anything unserviceable! 

Great price for a pretty tough, basic rifle sling, for all your scary black "assault weapons", in a classic army OD green! Grab 'em while we still got 'em!

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Note: This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details.