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British Army Reproduction Khaki Pith Hat

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Manufactured in Vietnam using traditional techniques, these Pith hats are faithful reproductions of a variation of the Khaki pith hat that defined the "look" of the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria, and into the Second World War as a tropical uniform component. 

Manufactured from real tree heart (pith), covered with a khaki canvas to withstand the worst sun and rain of tropical/desert environments while still retaining it's distinct colour. It additionally features a faux leather helmet strap which can either be utilized as a rear yoke or chinstrap for extra retention. The internal headband can expand to head sizes up to 62cm in circumference, allowing it to be effectively a one-size fit all. 

Despite being a remnant of a by-gone era, they can still be used as a top notch sun-hat on your next anti-communist Safari! 

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