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British Army Reproduction Gas Attack Rattle

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As close as you can get to the real deal, and beautifully detailed!

This authentically JT&L 1918-marked gas rattle was utilized by the British and Commonwealth troops during the First World War. They served as a convenient means of making a lot of loud noise to signal gas attacks in the trenches of the Western Front. It functions with a simple gear mechanism that spins as the operator spins the rattle clockwise while firmly grasping the hand. The gear system results in the interlocking wood system to start smacking against itself, which creates an exceptionally loud sound. 

Whether you're reenacting the Great War or wanting to get vengeance for a friend's flatulence problem, his gas rattle will exceed your expectations in getting the job done. Just don't blow anyone's ear drums out!

Features an accurate "JT&L 1918" maker mark on the bottom edge, and a stamped "For Use As Gas Alarm Only" on the main body. 

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