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British Army RLC Chef Trousers

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

"It's RAW!"

An army marches on it's stomach, and the chefs of the Royal Logistics Corps ensure that it continues to happen with today's British Army. To do their jobs well in garrison, they require some top notch kit, comparable to commercial kits. These trousers are manufactured by various companies including Harrison-Field and other MOD contractors, but remain in surprising good condition. All appear to have been thoroughly cleaned and washed prior to surplusing and otherwise unstained from the rigours of the kitchen. 

These snazzy trousers feature a stylish checker pattern, and an extremely comfortable, lightweight polycotton blend construction with an elasticated waist. These trousers also feature two hand pockets, and an arse pocket for extra utility in the kitchen. 

Given their light weight, comfort and utility, these trousers can be easily utilized for BBQs, kitchen duty, yard work weird sexual fetishes and even as an overkill pair of pajamas. Not bad for such a cheap pair of pants.

Sizing Guide: 

  • Extra Small: 26-29 inch waist
  • Small: 28-31 inch waist
  • Medium: 30-33 inch waist
  • Large: 32-35 inch waist

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