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British Army Pattern 44 Jungle Boots

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

A real find, and unusually in a pretty "big boi" size! The original jungle "commie stomper" boot!

We came into a few of these beauties, barely used and like new in their original plastic wrapping and we've seldom seen them in such large sizes. The first Pattern 44 jungle boots were issued to members of the elite Special Operations Executive in the latter part of the Second World War for the Burma and Malayan jungles. They were later issued in significantly large numbers as a tropical bots issued to regulars and national servicemen during the Malayan Emergency, seeing a service life of widespread adoption right up until the 1960s. Given their extreme rarity, these probably aren't unissued SOE boots as they are no indications of this, so the boots are more than likely post-war manufacture for issue to servicemen in Malaya during the 1950s. 

Each boot features a now relatively standard 6 hole, 6 latch speed lace system (a pretty revolutionary design for contemporary boots), a unique lightweight green canvas construction, rubberized soles, top/heel caps, and a pretty decent compression insole. The design was pretty ahead of it's time, and undoubtly inspired the modern US Jungle Boot style that we're more familiar with.

Given their age, there may be some slight cracking and blemishing on the boot canvas itself, so we highly recommend these boots get some extensive treatment from the owner to ensure long term servicability, or be displayed in your militaria collection. These boots are pretty damn incredible, and can possibly see many more decades of repair with some light rubber/canvas treatments!

Only available in Size 12!

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