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British Army Pattern '37 Lee Enfield Ammo Pouch

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Khaki or Olive Drab, these geniune British Army issue Pattern 1937 webbing pouches will fit just about any stripper clips you may have up to and including the large .303 British rounds! These pouches are built with a well stitched canvas construction and canvas buttons. They also feature hooks that will allow it to attach onto any Pattern 1937 rigs you may have. Talk about modular!

These pouches were standard issue to Commonwealth soldiers in the Second World War that served in combat support units, including artillerymen, drivers, and engineers, before being replaced by 1943 with the larger Pattern 1937 Utility Pouches.They continued to find some use among snipers, as a more streamlined way to carry clips of .303 Lee Enfield ammunition. Own a piece of history, that you can still drag along to the bush for your milsurp rifle LARPing, without being scared to destroy it. These things were built to last forever!

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