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British Army OD Field Trousers

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The "OG" of Army Trousers, courtesy of her Majesty!

These outstanding olive drab pants were first adopted in the 1960s as a replacement to older battledress style trousers, and fielded from Operation Banner in Northern Ireland, all the way to the Falklands War. In recent years, these OD field trousers still see occasional use under garrison conditions, a testament to how long these bloody things have lasted.

Since the practice of utilizing these trousers in the field has largely discontinued with the advent of DPM and MTP, these pants are in pretty damn good condition for milsurp. All feature two large hand pockets, a large buttoned arse pocket, and oversized 3 inch belt loops standard on all British Army field trousers as they are intended to be worn with stable belts. The trousers also feature a side cinching strap which allows for 2 inches of adjustment.

The buttoned oversized belt loops provide an excellent platform for sport shooters, military and law enforcement to put on holster belts, and the streamlined profile of the pants (sans cargo pocket) make it ideal for any activites that require you to play the part of the "grey man". 

Overall, you've got a comfy, but hard wearing blended pant, suitable for anything the world throws at you!

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