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British Army Mk. 2 Fire-Resistant Cold Weather "Spooky" Mask

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Part Number: BAM2CWM
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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

 A dirt cheap way to get a horror movie look goin' on, or survive a particularly smelly blue rocket in the field!

These British Army issue Mk. 2 CW Masks are brand spankin' new, and include a total of three mouth pieces which can be swapped out with a velcro/button securing system. The mask itself is attached with an extremely simply elastic backing allowing the wearer easy adjustment. The masks are also constructed to give a degree of flame resistance, making it ideal having a particularly heated Braai. 

Due to the elastic backing, they are one size fit all. They also absolutely bloody terrifying.

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Note: This product is not considered "Military Surplus Condition" as per our Shipping and Returns Policy as it is in new condition, however we can guarantee is it a genuine piece of military kit.