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British Army "Magical" Anti-Microbial Underwear

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The British Army's now famous magic underwear!

The latest and greatest in underwear technology, designed for the British Army. These battle tested underwear are designed with an antimicrobial lining, allowing it to be worn for up to three months without a wash. The science behind this underwear is incredible enough, but what really makes it amazing is the comfort.

Constructed in a 95% polyester and 5% elastane design, they allow the wearer a lot of "wiggle" room without restriction, and all day freshness. Trust us, we've been wearing a pair for 3 days as we're writing this! By far, the comfiest we've ever worn, and superior to a lot of expensive brands available in the market. Not to mention, that these are in unissued condition (nasty and worn sets thrown out). 

Sizing Guide: 

  • Small: 29-31 inch waist
  • Medium: 32-34 inch waist
  • Large: 35-37 inch waist
  • Extra Large: 38-41 inch waist
  • Extra Extra Large: 42-45 inch waist 

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Note: This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details. Due to the fact this clothing is "next to skin", we cannot accept returns or exchanges. We cannot confirm this underwear is actually magical, but it is amazingly comfortable.