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British Army MTP Windproof Trousers

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The British Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) utilizes some of the colour scheme of the American Multicam pattern, with shapes and patterns of the classic British DPM. What you get as a result, is an outstanding, sharp pattern that keeps the enemy guessing. This outstanding camouflage pattern continues to serve the British Army into the modern day due to it's incredible utility in a wide range of enviroments. 

These classic British styled trousers were designed with nasty cold, wet and windy conditions in mind. They are chalk full of features including:

  • Heavy duty construction to resist wind and rain
  • Zippered Fly
  • Adjustable waist up to 2 inches with buttoned cinching straps
  • Large stable belt sized belt loops measuring 3 inches - perfect for duty and holster belts
  • Exposed slot buttons for easy access while wearing gloves
  • Two velcro flap covered hand pockets
  • Two large cargo pockets
  • A hefty arse pocket 
  • Split velcro-closure at ankle allowing them to be quickly worn over other layers/boots
  • Boot blousing straps at bottom of trouser legs 

Genuine British Army surplus, and a great piece of "operator" kit for your next adventure without breaking the bank.  What's not to love? 

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Note: This product is in "Military Surplus Condition". Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for details.