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British Army MTP Field Trousers

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Goin' on a romp eh?

Your British Army standard issue MTP Field Trouser is here! For army surplus, this piece of kit is in great condition. The British Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) utilizes some of the colour scheme of the American Multicam pattern, with shapes and patterns of the classic British DPM. What you get as a result, is an outstanding, sharp pattern that keeps the enemy guessing. This outstanding camouflage pattern continues to serve the British Army into the modern day due to it's incredible utility in a wide range of enviroments. 

These excellent lightweight pants come in either an older Mk. 1 variation, or newer Mk. 2 variation. The Mk. 2 trousers will feature the addition of waist cinching straps, and reinforced cotton hand pocket stitching, as a opposed to the Mk. 1 trousers which feature a lighter mesh material inside the hand pockets. Across the board, they will feature the following:

  • Zippered fly
  • Large stable belt sized belt loops measuring 3 inches - perfect for duty and holster belts
  • All pockets slot buttoned and covered by a layer of folded fabric for added protection
  • Two hand pockets
  • Single secondary zippered hand pocket to stow away any contraband goodies
  • Two large cargo pockets 
  • A hefty arse pocket 
  • Boot blousing straps at bottom of trouser legs
Well fitting, highly utilitarian and absolutely bloody marvellous, these trousers truly punch well above their weight in terms of value. These field trousers are an absolute must-have for milsurp geeks and adventurers alike!

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