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British Army MTP 40mm UGL Pouch

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Part Number: BAM4UGLP
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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Extra girthy MOLLE compatible pouches intended for the British Army's L123A2 Underslung Grenade Launchers (UGL) and equip to hold up to 8x 40mm UGL grenades. 

The British Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) utilizes some of the colour scheme of the American Multicam pattern, with shapes and patterns of the classic British DPM. What you get as a result, is an outstanding, sharp pattern that keeps the enemy guessing! Own an outstanding, battle tested piece of kit that is essential for all gunfighters and adventurers alike!

Measures 8 by 4 inches, perfect as a shotgun shell carrier or just as a medium sized auxillary pouch to store your own tactical goodies.

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