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British Army Lee Enfield Mk. 1 Sling - Reproduction

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Faithful reproduction of the original production Mk. 1 sling (Sling, Rifle, General Service), adopted on January 31st, 1901 - seeing regular use as the standard canvas sling to compliment the Short Magazine Lee Enfield and No.4 rifles throughout both World Wars. These slings are unmarked, to prevent them from being resold or misidentified as originals, but are otherwise near identical to the various M.E.C manufacture slings we have in our little Fireforce Ventures "Museum" of stuff we've collected over the years. Give these repros a bit of hard use, and they'll soften up a bit making them tough to tell from originals.

The sling is simple in it's design with two brass webbing clips, fitted specifically for the Lee Enfield family of rifles, but will fit virtually any long rifles with two sling attachments. Great for sportsman, and British military re-enactors alike! 

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