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British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag w/ Compression Sack

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Your Price: $37.50
Part Number: BAJSBCS
Availability: In Stock.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Soft as a woobie, built like a sleeping bag, the best of both worlds to keep yourself comfy during a warmer night. Issued as a separate compliment to the PLCE system heavy weight sleeping bag and intentionally utilized for warmer conditions. The sleeping bag features a solid polyester construction, zippered/buttoned mesh hood and and a buttery smooth main zipper. As per lighter weight military sleeping bags, they also include straps allowing them to be tied with larger outer bag systems or ponchos. The matching compression sack is also included, allowing it to compress to a mere 11 x 7 inches approximately. 

Rated for 10 degrees Celsius, and measuring 73 x 28 inches when fully unfurled. 

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