British Army Desert DPM UBAC Shirt

British Army Desert DPM UBAC Shirt

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Goin' on a romp eh?

Your British Army standard issue Desert Combat Shirt (Under-armour Body Armour Shirt-  UBAC) is here! For army surplus, this piece of kit is in great condition. Feel free to throw on any webbing or plate carriers over top of this purpose built combat shirt, and rest assured knowing it'll keep you cool! The Desert DPM pattern featured on this shirt proved to be quite effective in arid conditions, and saw a fair bit of service through both Gulf Wars, and the War in Afghanistan. As a testament to the effectiveness of this pattern, it continues to be used to this day around the world in different variations, particularly among local armies operating in the Savannah of sub-Saharan Africa.

Features a moist-wicking UBACS chest, with optional sewn in elbow padding, and a 30-70 polyester cotton collar. Bear in mind, these shirts run quite a bit smaller than the sizes listed as they are meant to be a next to skin combat shirt. It is recommended you buy your shirt a size up as a result. 

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