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British Army DPM Field Bag

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The classic British Army Disruptive Material Pattern (DPM), the go-to" pattern for "Fudds" and "Tacticool" operators alike. First drawn up in the early 1960s with heavy influences from the earlier British Denison patterns, the four colour pattern was a standardization of the previously hand drawn pattern. It works exceptionally well in the bush, and saw a service life of almost five decades.

This heavy duty Codura field bag can be utilized as a gas mask carrier or a large auxiliary pouch which can be slung across the chest and additionally buckle secured with a leg strap. The main body of the bag is closed with a velcro/snap button secured flap with a button for extra security, keeping the tactical goodies you throw inside relatively clean. There are additional auxiliary pockets located inside the bag and a STANAG sized pouch on the exterior. 

Plenty of storage space all around, making a perfect tool bag, auxiliary bag, or gas mask carrier. Measures 13 x 4 x 3 inches. 

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Note: This product is not considered "Military Surplus Condition" as per our Shipping and Returns Policy as it is in new condition, however we can guarantee is it a genuine piece of military kit.