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British Army DPM Chest Rig (Northern Ireland - IRR)

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

British Army Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) Chest rigs, treated for infrared use and issued to soldiers in Northern Ireland are pretty high on the "Ally-ness" scale. Designed as a function piece of kit that can be thrown on easier than webbing with a Rhodesian "X" harness style, they took direct inspiration from private purchase Arktis brand chest rigs which were utilized by British Special Forces, and a favoured piece of kit of 1980-90s era mercenary types. These chest rigs are all in workable condition, and graded accordingly to ensure you know what you are buying. However, expect a bit of dust on 'em, since they more than likely saw some hard use, with equally "hard" chargers. 

These chest rigs are ruggedized, and further militarized with the addition of reinforced military buckles, and marked with Ministry of Defence manufacturer labels. Each chest rig will include three double magazine (three mags if you're ambitious) pouches, and two large auxillary pouches. All pouches are buckled down, something intentionally done to ensure your kit stays in one piece while mounting and dismounting vehicles under adverse conditions. They are also fully adjustable to fit most operators, and can be worn as a standalone or over body armour. 

They're pretty interesting pieces of kit, especially to those "in the know", given the direct inspiration these chest rigs took from Special Forces and mercenaries. Look "Ally" whether you're at the range, or doing some "operating" of your own! 

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