British Army DPM Assault Vest

British Army DPM Assault Vest

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom 

The classic British Army Disruptive Material Pattern (DPM), the go-to" pattern for "Fudds" and "Tacticool" operators alike. First drawn up in the early 1960s with heavy influences from the earlier British Denison patterns, the four colour pattern was a standardization of the previously hand drawn pattern. It works exceptionally well in the bush, and saw a service life of almost five decades.

This outstanding assault vest in the classic DPM pattern was issued as an alternative for the PLCE system, intentionally designed for close quarter combat or mechanized warriors in confined spaces. With easy front access and a lot of adjustable options, the compact package is engineered to work in even the most cramped of conditions. 

This vest also uniquely saw use for various Airborne, and Special Forces units fighting in confined quarters, a welcome alternative to the baggier PLCE webbing system and a great compliment as a heavier duty "battle rattle" in contrast to basic chest rigs. It looks like the Brits definitely took a few cues from the South Africans when these were first issued!


  • 2x Triple SA80 (223/5.56mm) pouches
  • 1x Canteen Pouch
  • 2x Small Chest Utility Pouches
  • 3x Large Utility Pouches
  • 2x Zippered Internal Compartments w/ Hidden Pistol Holster Pouch
  • Shoulder clip on fastex buckles for attaching PLCE accesories (ie. Camelbaks and Utility Bags)
  • Fully adjustable straps at front and back
  • Mesh backing for heat management

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