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British Army DPM Arctic Pile Cap

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The classic British Army Disruptive Material Pattern (DPM), the go-to uniform for "Fudds" and "Tacticool" operators alike. First drawn up in the early 1960s with heavy influences from the earlier British Denison patterns, the four colour pattern was a standardization of the previously hand drawn pattern. It works exceptionally well in the bush, and saw a service life of almost five decades.

These outstanding Arctic Pile Caps prominently feature this outstanding pattern, and are constructed with probably one of the most comfortable faux fur "pile cap" linings that we have ever encountered. As with the standard pile cap design, it can be worn with the green wool facing out, or folded down as ear flaps. They are available in either with a full fur lining, or a hybrid polyester inner lining with fur ear flaps. All of them are in pretty good shape for milsurp with names and service numbers listed in interior tags being generally the only evidence of prior use. 

Buy one to keep on your head, and grab another one to throw in your go bag without breaking the bank. At an absolute bargain for their quality, these are a must-have during cold weather conditions. 

By far one of the comfiest pieces of winter kit we've encountered and light years ahead of Eastern bloc ushankas/pile caps!

Sizing Guide:
  • Small: 56-58cm
  • Medium: 58-60cm 
  • Large: 60-62cm 
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