British Army DPM 30L "Northern Ireland" Patrol Pack

British Army DPM 30L "Northern Ireland" Patrol Pack

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The classic British Army Disruptive Material Pattern (DPM), the go-to" field bag for "Fudds" and "Tacticool" operators alike. First drawn up in the early 1960s with heavy influences from the earlier British Denison patterns, the four colour pattern was a standardization of the previously hand drawn pattern. It works exceptionally well in the bush, and saw a service life of almost five decades.

These British Army Surplus DPM backpacks are constructed from sturdy Cordura 600D, and fill up to 30 litres. They come directly from quartermasters in the UK, and all saw a good bit of hard use, and almost all our stock were likely used in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

It features a water resistant internal liner in the main compartment, two large 5 litres side pouches, and zippered accessory compartments on the top flap. Most of the bags feature two separate small zippered compartments, while other bags are an older pattern that features a larger zippered compartment which encompasses the entire top flap. 

These bags are a bit faded having been "on operational service" in the UK and perhaps beyond. They may have some service markings including service numbers, units, and other miscellaneous tidbits of information hinting at their past. but we guarantee their serviceability with through inspections. 

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