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Belgian Army Utility Engineer Bags

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Country of Origin: Belgium

Small capacity canvas shoulder bag, period appropriate as an auxiliary piece to your generic "African Bush War" merecenary look!

Original issued to Belgian Army Engineer, they were utilized for a variety of military purposes. From carrying gas masks, to ammunition, canteens and ration packs, these little shoulder bags did it all, as the contemporary British Army Gas Mask/Engineer bag also did. Despite many design and utilitarian similarities between the bags, these Belgian ones appear to be constructed from a sturdier heavyweight canvas, and feature a more subdued khaki-green colour. 

Each bag features a long shoulder strap with a clip at the end, two loops at the rear to latch onto other contemporary webbing systems, and a Second World War style brass buckle closure system. They will accommodate approximately 8-10 litres of gear, which you can safely store within as the bags were clearly built to last. Please note, some of these bags may have pen markings from when they were moved from military quartermaster stores out of service and surplused out.

Ideal as a general purpose bag, this neat little piece of surplus can easily be utilized as a tool bag, bug out bag component, range bag, or even complete a reenactment loadout!

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