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Belgian Army Rubberized Paratrooper 40L Rucksack

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Country of Origin: Belgium

"Make sure you grab your rubbers.... before you jump!"

Slim profile and very lightly used paratrooper rucks, issued by the Belgian Army first issued out in the 1960s and making their operational debut during the Congo conflict and seeing a pretty length service life until being eventually phased out by "jigsaw" patterned rucks. The shoulder straps are a bit antiquated given the age of the design, with weight considerations resulting in a smaller, sharper strap rather than anything that included gucchi 21st century padding. Despite this, the packs are still in very much functional condition and still very servicable!

Each bag comes with two cinching straps at both the top and bottom of the bag, for external compression sacks or other equipment. They are closed in a classic Second World War P37 strap style, and feature two large side bergen pockets that can accommodate approximately 5 litres of gear each. They are constructed from a fully rubberized exterior with canvas straps, with the intent of keeping all your kit as dry as possible under the wettest of conditions. 

These rucks are the perfect addition to your Bush War mercenary look, with some photographic evidence of these rucks famously being seen on the back of Belgian paratroopers during Operation Dragon Rouge in 1964. 

Fits up to approximately 40 litres!

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