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Belgian Army OD Heavyweight Hooded Rain Jacket

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Country of Origin: Belgium

Almost better than their waffles! 

No gimmicks, just extra spooky hard-wearing heavyweight Belgian Rain Jackets in Olive Drab. These rather A E S T H E T I C jackets are dated to the late 1970s and come with a built in hood for rainy conditions, and perfect for a wide range of environments. 

They feature four velcro closed slanted pockets, velcro cuffs, a unique velcro/button closure and adjustable hood drawstring. Perhaps not the best for stealthiness, but it's pretty damn convenient! Some of these jackets come with an optional velcro name tape so you can customize it to your heart's content. 

Sizing Guide (based on actual garment measurement:

  • Medium-Regular: 46 inch chest, 33 inch overall length
  • Medium-Extra Extra Long: 46 inch chest, 39 inch overall length
  • Large-Long: 50 inch chest, 35 inch overall length

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