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Belgian Army Mle. 51 Steel Helmet w/ Helmet Scrim Net

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Country of Origin: Belgium

The iconic M1 Helmet was first fielded by the US Army in the Second World War, and soon many European nations followed suit, making their own "Euro Copies" with various minor changes but maintaining the same basic shape and function of the classic US GI M1. The Belgian helmets were one of the earliest adaptations, for the Belgian Army and first adopted in 1951, named with the designation "Mle. 51". 

As per the standard GI helmets the Second World War, they were constructed with a steel shell and removable lining, but constructed to be slightly more globular in appearance. The helmets were a common sight throughout the Belgian Congo conflicts, and later on as the Belgian Army engaged in UN operations around the world. They would eventually see a long service life from the early 1950s, well into the 1990s.

Though the liners were initially leather, these specific appear to be the post 1971 production with a modernized themoplastic production with a removable suspension. However, the front eyelet and chin straps which gave the M1 their iconic look, are fully retaining. The liner is also adorned with a Belgian flag, signifying the origins of this pretty awesome helmet. Some helmet shells may also be adorned with the Belgian flag, and all come with an original Belgian helmet scrim net. The helmet is also full adjustable at the rear of the liner, where an adjustment strap is present. 

These helmets have seen a bit of use prior to surplusing and feature some external "battle scars", but nothing significant to really compromise it's serviceability and overall aesthetic. This helmet serves a great stand in piece for those looking to re-create a "Bush War" operator look, and are a must have for any helmet collector!  

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