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Belgian Army 3rd Pattern Jigsaw Smock

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Country of Origin: Belgium

Adopted in 1999, this third pattern of Belgian Jigsaw is the successor to Bush War patterns commonly seen throughout Africa by elite Belgian troops and crack mercenary units throughout the 1960s to 70s. This outstanding pattern first showed up in 1956, and features a mixture of brown, green and khaki elements in a circular design scheme that influenced many later patterns, albeit in less flamboyant colours!

These excellent smocks in this unique "jigsaw" pattern feature four large zippered pockets at the breast and hip, a waist level internal elastic, lower hip cinching straps, a front facing buttoned epaulette, and a "thicc" internal lining making these smocks totally windproof. They also feature a variety of velcro variations, name tapes, flag patches and other distinguishing variations that we go to great lengths to ensure are detailed.

On top of that, these smocks fit extremely well and given nature of the cinching straps, can be adjusted to fit a full size down when compared to other standard NATO uniforms. Truly some top notch stuff!

Sizing Guide: 

  • Large-Long: Fits 38-42 inch chest, 5'9-6'0 height
  • Large-Extra Long: Fits 38-42 inch chest, 5'11-6'2 height
  • Extra Large-Extra Long: Fits 40-44 inch chest, 5'11-6'2 height

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