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Austrian Army Ripstop Tactical Pants

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Country of Origin: Austria

Probably some of the snazziest, tactical pants we ever encountered, surplused out from former Austrian Army stocks! We've seen literally dozens of pant variations from all around the world, and these are probably one of the best that we've ever encountered as surplus!

These pants are constructed from a lightweight 100% cotton ripstop material, and intended to compliment the standard issue olive drab greens which defined the Austrian Army for many decades. Issued normally in more arid climates, they are purpose built to be hard wearing but still light enough for operational use in "spicy" climactic conditions. 

These pants feature two hand pockets, two unique zippered cargo pockets with faux flap covers, a zippered fly, belt loops and internal suspenders allowing each operator a variety of options in the wearing of the pant. They really are on par with a lot of the more expensive tactical cargo pants out there in the market, and are in tip-top condition despite being old stock. 

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