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Austrian Army OD Short-Shorts

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Country of Origin: Austria

Not only are they the shortest shorts around, they're a close rivals of the infamous USMC "silkies" when it comes to comfort. Manufactured for the Austrian Army as a PT Short in the 1980s by Slama-Wein, these cotton/polyester shorts feature a cheeky right butt pocket, and very comfortable internal cotton mesh to keep all your "family jewels" in. 

These shorts feature a very slick profile and lightweight as they lack handpockets, allowing them to be utilized to their maximum effectiveness when you're crushing your daily PT. Unless otherwise specified, the shorts also feature a small velcro back pocket. 

They're an excellent sub-in for your Rhodesian Brushstroke kit as a no-gimmicks short-short, that gets the job done!

Sizing Guide:

  • Size 2: Small to Medium / 29-32 inch waist
  • Size 3: Medium to Large / 31-37 inch waist
  • Size 4: Large to Extra Large / 36 - 43 inch waist

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