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Austrian Army Heavyweight Field Shirt

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Country of Origin: Austria

lassic olive drab heavyweight "army shirts", courtesy of the Austrian Army. The Austrians are the last Western nation to continue fielding olive drab as it's standard issue field uniform, but this is slowly be phased out in favour of a digital pattern. These shirts are slightly older 1990s era cut shirts, that have since been replaced by a more modern cut uniform similar to a BDU cut. This phase out of the classic olive drab, means an excellent dirt cheap shirt for you!

These shirts are manufactured with a durable heavyweight cotton fabric making it exceptionally tough They feature medium slot butons, two shoulder epaulettes, two breast pockets, and a velcro name tape. These remarkable simple shirts are an excellent field shirt, fitting well with any webbing, or can be simply worn as an every day work shirt. Most of the shirts feature the "Bundesheer" eagle emblem of Austria, 

Sizing Guide (based on garment measurements):

  • Extra Small-Regular: 38 inch chest, 29 inch overall length (This will fit a 34-36 inch chest)
  • Small-Long: 42 inch chest, 31 inch overall length
  • Medium-Regular: 46 inch chest, 29 inch overall length
  • Medium-Long: 46 inch chest, 31 inch overall length

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