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Australian Army WW2 Dated Short Puttee

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Country of Origin: Australia

Puttees were a "bring-back" of the Empire, during their campaigns in British India. A simply wrapping of woven cloth over a soldier's leg did amazing work, keeping out torns and nasty bits from slipping into boots. They would be prominently worn throughout by Imperial soldiers during the Boer War, and the Great War to great effect. They were remembered as tricky things to wrap, that did the job in keeping troops' feet and ankles in good shape, providing support and protection. These ubiquitous pieces of kit were remembered in the popular culture, particularly in songs such as "The Blue Puttees", in reference to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the Great War.

In the Second World War, the Puttees were cut down by 2/3rds of their Great War length, and utilized for service in all theatres of operation, as a compliment to the more modern gaiters that were also seen during the Second World War. Amazingly, puttees still endured with commonwealth forces, their last hurrah during the Falklands War where British soldiers and Royal Marines were still seen wearing these old-school pieces of kit!

These puttees are all Australian Second World War manufacture, in either green or tan lacing. They appear to have been intended for export, but the markings indicate that they were indeed manufactured by Australia in 1943. Some of the original manufacture labels and markings remain on the puttees, and we went through the trouble of sorting out which ones have these original labels. They also are in remarkably good shape for being such old pieces of kit, and appear to have never been issued. 

Each puttee measures approximately 1 meter long, three sets can be sewn together to replicate the length of a Great War set of puttees!

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