West German Border Guard Sumpftarn Jacket

West German Border Guard Sumpftarn Jacket

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Country of Origin: West German

A fairly uncommon reproduction of the Second World War era German Sumpftarn ("swamp pattern") was utilized by the West German Federal Border Guard ("Bundesgrenzschutz") in the Cold War. The original pattern was utilized by Nazi Germany as being significantly darker, but featured the same soft shapes and distinctive raindrop design. It was fielded towards the end of the war in 1944, and proved to be an effective pattern, that the West Germans were quick to adopt at the onset of the Cold War.

These incredible jacket are the uncommon First Pattern jackets, issued in the late 1950s to the early 1960s. They are available in Grade 1 jackets which seem to have been intentionally torn and scrapped, but professional restored for reuse in the 1970s when the jackets were used along side Third Pattern jackets. 

Some are unfortunately Grade 2, with significant rips, and will require a few hours of stitch work to become "combat effective" once again. If only these jackets could tell their stories!

Sizing Guide (garment size measurement):
  • Small: 42 inch chest, 17 inch shoulders
  • Medium: 50 inch chest, 19 inch shoulders

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