South African Defence Force Pattern 73 Webbing Set

South African Defence Force Pattern 73 Webbing Set

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Country of Origin: South Africa

Incredible webbing used by the South African Defence Force, and now exceptional difficult to find! Hank allegedly procured these in a stash in the Himalayas, and carried them all back to Canada while riding a unicycle blindfolded.

These webbing sets are scarcely found, and in exceptional condition given their age. They were used in service by the South African Defence Force as the standard canvas webbing of operational soldiers from 1973 until the mid 1980s when this old school webbing was superseded by the Nutria 83 Pattern equipment.

You will be guaranteed the following components in your '73 webbing package, in either an assembled or disassembled state:

  • 2x FAL magazine pouches

  • 1x 36" or 42" Belt

  • 1x Yoke harness

  • 1x '73 pattern daypack

  • 1x poncho holder

  • 1x kidney pouch

Please email us at if you have any questions or specific requests with this webbing. However, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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