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Rhodesian Brushstroke Women's Leggings
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Rhodesian Brushstroke Women's Leggings

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Has science gone too far? 

Do Rhodesians really never die? 

The answer is for you to find out, with the first set of Rhodesian Brushstroke leggings for the ladies.

Sublimated on 88% polyester, and 12% spandex right here in Canada, these leggings are one hell of a fashion statement, and will put fear into the heart of any communist that happens to cross your path.

Sizing Guide:

  • Small: US Size 2-4 
  • Medium: US Size 6-8 
  • Large: US Size 10-12 
  • Extra Large: US Size 14-16  

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally! Click here to learn more about this famous camo pattern!

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