Italian Army Vegato Shirt
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Italian Army Vegato Shirt

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Country of Origin: Italy

Thats’a spicy meatball!

Geniune Italian Army issue “Vegatata”, or “Vegetated” pattern shirt, also known as “Vegato”. Italy has a long history of camoflauge, dating back to 1929 when they became the first nation to issue a standardized camoflauge uniform to their armed forces.

They’ve come a long way since then, and their Vegato pattern is their Ferrari when it comes to cammies. The pattern is a natural mixture of browns and dark olives on a khaki base, making it ideal for anywhere from the Sahara, to the Congo.

These shirts feature two velcro panels on the shoulder pockets, and two velcro nametape panels above two large breast pockets. Each shirt also features a star from the emblem of the Italian Republic stitched at the collar.

Sizing Guide (based on garment measurements):

  • Small: 44 inch chest, 19 inch shoulders

  • Medium: 48 inch chest, 20 inch shoulders

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