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Greenleader Air Tours T-Shirt

Greenleader Air Tours T-Shirt

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"Stop Over Zambia! Visit Sunny Angola! Rhodesian Passport Holders Welcome!"

In 1978, Air Rhodesia Flight 825 was shot down by communist terrorists, with 38 passengers killed in the ensuing crash, and a further 10 survivors executed at point blank range on the ground. 

It was then the legendary "Greenleader" was ordered to fly a retaliatory air raid into Zambia, as part of Operation Gatling. He radioed in to Zambian air control "Lusaka tower, this is Greenleader..."

The rest is history. This shirt is our tribute to the late, great Squadron Commander Chris "Greenleader" Dixon of the Rhodesian Air Force, who took part in an act John Edmonds forever immortalized as "one of the most daring aerial escapades ever". 

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