1. When are you going to have "this product" or "that product" in stock, or restocked?

Please don't be "that guy" with this email! We don't give out ETA's on restocks as this can change quick rapidly based on available of fabrics, surplus auctions, etc. We tend to restock our products including our ever popular Rhodesian Brushstroke and South African Defence Force kit as often as possible. Unfortunately as of this time, our web host does not support automatic stock notifications.

2. Where are you folks located in the world?

Nestled on the better side of the Rocky Mountains, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

3. What are your real names?

Nice try, ISIS.

4. Do you ship internationally?

We ship to just about every country in the world where mail can be delivered. Right now, we deliver throughout North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa via Canada Post or DHL.

5. I have a shipping question/issue, or would like an exchange. What can I do about this?

Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy.

6. What is a "Canadian Dollar"? Do you accept a REAL currency that isn't weird monopoly money like US Dollars?

As we are a Canadian company and collect Goods and Services tax from Canadian customers, it makes sense for us to have all of our prices listed in Canadian Dollars. If you order from outside of Canada, what you pay via our Stripe checkout will be automatically converted to your local currency.

7. Do you sell Rhodesian Brushstroke fabric by the yard?

No. We have large bolts of Rhodesian Brushstroke fabric at hand, but we have no plans to sell this product as they are proprietary weaves, and not very cost effective for anyone when compared to getting a manufactured products. 

8. What are you projects are you working on right now? Will there be products like Rhodesian Brushstroke combat shirts or smocks in the near future?

We always have dozens of projects on the go at once, and they take time to materialize. For example, it took us nearly a year before we finished getting the popular Rhodesian Brushstroke BDU's in store. However, we can guarantee we're working hard on the "Good Milsurp and Great Kit" you all came for. If you want the latest updates on our projects (plus a few exclusive sales, discounts and contests), you are welcome to join our Buyer's Club!