East German Kampfgruppen (KdA) Shirt
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East German Kampfgruppen (KdA) Shirt

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Country of Origin: East Germany (defunct commies!)

The Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse (KdA), or the “Combat Groups of the Working Class” were a paramilitary group within the former East Germany that formed in 1953. They were formed similarly in line with the Czechoslovak People’s Militia, in the sense that they served as augmentations to the regular army.

Despite being very well equip, a vast majority of these “revolutionary soldiers” were only on active duty to be labourers to build the Berlin Wall in the 1960s. There were indications that a few KdA members made their way to central and southern Africa to help foster communist fighters in this region, but not with much success.

Ironically, in 1989 when the East German military was called upon to suppress the massive peaceful protests near the Berlin Wall, the KdA was not activated. Most of their members felt sympathies to the protesters, and some even joined them. The same wall they built decades earlier, was felled by their own hand.

The Cold War began, and ended with the KdA, making their uniform an exceptionally interesting piece of militaria to own, at a bargain, and in fairly good condition.

Their unit insignia bears the revolutionary red flag of the “workers of the world”, flown on a rifle. Some of these shirts feature this unique badge, while others are stamped with miscellenous East German insignia on the chest. All feature two breast pockets, with two shoulder pockets.

Sizing Guide (based on measurement of actual garment):

  • Small: 42 inch chest, 19 inch shoulder (Marked as M-48)

  • Medium: 46 inch chest, 20 inch shoulder (Marked as M-52)

  • Large: 50 inch chest, 21 inch shoulder (Marked as M-56)

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