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British Army Winter Gloves

British Army Winter Gloves

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Ward off frostbite, and keep your fingers nice and nimble for the fight, with these British Army issue winter gloves! Featuring either fleece or knitted cuffs, and a fairly “thicc” lining, these gloves work excellent as a a standalone outdoor glove, or just liners for more extreme conditions.

Sizing Guide:

  • Size 6 - Extra Small

  • Size 7 - Small

  • Size 8 - Medium

  • Size 9 - Large

  • Size 10 - Extra Large

  • Size 11 - 2XL

  • Size 12 - 3XL

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Note: This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details

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